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Refinancing is the process of restructuring or reorganising your loan to ensure you have the combination of fixed and floating terms that work best for your situation.

It may involve transferring your loan from one bank to another to take advantage of more favourable terms and conditions that are in your best interest.

Switching loan is possible even if you not a Loan House customer to take advantage of this service. Reviewing your financial health keeps all the checks up-to-date. Specialists from our team will review your financial situation to see if your mortgage is performing well.

We look at the interest rates you’re locked in and the structure of your loan. The free of cost financial fact find can help to provide a solution for your financial needs that will save you thousands of dollars and allows you to pay off your loan faster and still within your working life.

If you are currently on a fixed term we can analyse the break costs to understand if this option is worth pursuing.

First Home Buyers

“We’ll help you get the right type of loan with the right structure. With our financial expertise, you have the peace of mind that you are in the right place.”

Buying your first home is a stressful exercise, but it shouldn’t, especially if you have a good mortgage adviser on your side and that’s where we come in.

Some of the questions you’re probably thinking of are:

  • Do you have sufficient deposit?
  • Which lending institution will give you the right kind of deal? How much will they lend me?
  • How should you structure your loan to ensure your money works for you?
  • Can I use my Kiwi Saver?
  • How do I buy a property? Can someone hand-hold me through the process to make the experience hassle-free?

What We Can Do?

  • Meet you to learn all about your current situation, and provide advice about lending criteria and how you can qualify to borrow.
  • Advice the right options that suit your needs.
  • Give you advice on your buying strategy – location, method of sale, property issues to watch out and so on. Through our network, we’ll put you in touch with related service providers such as accountants, solicitors, building inspectors, valuation experts etc.
  • Provide a wide range of loan products to choose from as we work with all major lending institutions.
  • Help you structure your loan so you can SAVE THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS IN INTEREST.
  • Provide ongoing service at NO COST AT ALL so you always get the best deal.

We are here to provide service, guidance and financial expertise – AT NO COST AT ALL! We are qualified and experienced financial advisers who understand the complex and evolving world of the financial industry. With our knowledge and expertise buying your first home will be a breeze. We’ve got your back!

Buying An Investment Property

Property investment has proved a successful strategy to build wealth for many people. But you need to know the numbers and the other side of the coin before you jump onto this bandwagon.

Understanding what creates value in the investment property you’re buying is a vital challenge. Property investment can be risky business and understanding how your money can grow without loss is an important factor. It is very important to find the right mortgage adviser for all your investment needs.

  • Help you make a decision on whether property investment is the right decision for you by breaking down the numbers ‘easy to understand’ information.
  • If the decision is right for you, we can help make the process of buying the property a seamless one.
  • We can arrange loans from a wide range of lending institutions, sometimes even without a deposit (depending on the lender’s criteria, including equity in an existing dwelling).
  • Provide personalised service and a strategy to build your wealth through your property portfolio.

Business Loans

A business loan will allow you to develop and grow your business and you may be able to get all or part of your loan at home loan rates.

Why do I need a Business Loan?

Business loans are tailored to assist you with the purchase of an existing business, starting a new business or franchise or for major investments in your current business. To qualify for a business loan you will need to prove to the bank that your business venture will be feasible and profitable. You also need to have the background and experience to run the business and that you will be easily able to repay the loan within the set timeframe.

Most business loans have a repayment period between 5-6 years. If you borrow money to utilize in the business by offering the residential property as security, the funds secured against this property will have a repayment period of 30 years. Banks view businesses as high-risk security in comparison to a residential property, interest rates on business loans are usually 3-4% higher than standard home loan rates.

  • Evidence of the business financial performance such as profit & loss statement and balance sheet prepared by a chartered accountant.
  • Business Sales and Purchase Agreement.
  • Copy of the Lease Agreement if the business is going to operate out of a commercial premise.

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